Here are some commonly asked questions that should help you if you would like to submit your music to 973FM. For other enquires/special requests, please contact us using the details provided at the bottom of this page.

When will my song be played?

- We air the songs on a shuffle, non-exclusive basis.
- For the first 2 weeks, we will schedule your song to be played every 3 hours.
- If your song has been well-received by our listeners, we will put it on heavier rotation (more airplay).

How do I submit my song?

Please provide us with the following details:
- Your bio (genre / 'recommended if you like [artiste name]' / musical influences etc.)
- Artwork, link to website or facebook/youtube/soundcloud channel
- Your song(s) in MP3/AAC/FLAC/WAV/AIFF format via your preferred file-hosting service (Google Drive/Dropbox etc)

Send us your submissions via email at [email protected] (CC to show presenter [email protected]) or drop us a private message on Facebook.

Contact Us!

Facebook: facebook.com/BlastsThatLast
Twitter: twitter.com/BlastsThatLast
E-mail: [email protected]