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Time slots are available for new broadcasters. Contact us if you would like to host a show!
Note: The show will not air if the host is absent and there is no substitute DJ.

08.00pm - 09.00pm: Soul Traveller Radio Show hosted by Shayne Locke
11.00pm - 12.00am: The Midnight Wind-down automation

11.00pm - 12.00am: The Midnight Wind-down automation

08.00pm - 10.00pm: Acoustic Cafe hosted by Rob Reinhart
10.00pm - 11.00pm: SMP (Repeat)
11.00pm - 12.00am: The Midnight Wind-down automation

10.00pm - 11.00pm: Deuce Radio Show (Repeat)
11.00pm - 12.00am: The Midnight Wind-down automation

10.00pm - 11.00pm: Hello! Bands (Repeat)
11.00pm - 12.00am: All Songs Considered (Repeat)

02.00pm - 04.00pm: Acoustic Cafe (Repeat)
04.00pm - 05.00pm: Westfield Alliance Indie Show hosted by Ken Bailey
05.00pm - 06.00pm: Soul Traveller Radio Show (Repeat)
10.00pm - 12.00am: 973 In The Mix hosted by Oliver Heldens for Heldeep Radio
12.00am - 02.00am: Night Owl Radio hosted by various guest DJs weekly

04.00pm - 05.00pm: Hello! Bands hosted by Mike Blouin
08.00pm - 09.00pm: Alternative Arena automation
09.00pm - 10.00pm: SMP hosted by Seth McPartlin
10.00pm - 11.00pm: Deuce Radio Show hosted by Matt Barker
11.00pm - 12.00am: All Songs Considered hosted by Bob Boilen and Robin Hilton

General Programmes
Good Hang
- Good Hang is a podcast where Singapore-based entertainers Jon Cancio and Nathan Hartono talk about pop culture, current events, and anything and everything that tickles their fancy. And their fancies are very ticklish.

Big Voices Podcast
- Big Voices is a weekly podcast on the craft of singing and the defining moments that have shaped today's top vocalists.

Specialty Programmes
The Midnight Wind-down
- Chill out and unwind to down-tempo and relaxing music before bedtime! Featuring genres ranging from pop, soft rock, easy listening, R&B, soul and acoustic.

Alternative Arena
- Playing music outside of the Top 40 charts seldom heard on commercial radio!

973 In The Mix
- All of your favourite non-stop dance anthems every Saturday night for a wide spectrum of tracks that cater to all dance music lovers!

- Playing the latest and potential chart-topping hits in the pop music industry, including a "Picks of the Week" segment where your favourite songs of the week are featured.

All Songs Considered
- Hosts Bob Boilen and Robin Hilton spin new music from emerging bands and musical icons.

Night Owl Radio
- Direct from the Insomniac HQ in Los Angeles, Night Owl Radio is a weekly show presented by the Night Owl aka Pasquale Rotella. With special guest mixes, exclusive info, competitions and lots of interaction!

Acoustic Cafe
- Acoustic Cafe is a two hour weekly radio show produced and hosted by Rob Reinhart. It's hard to put a definitive label on Acoustic Cafe's music selections; any individual set of music could contain a bit of country, rock, blues, folk, pop... and more!

Westfield Alliance Indie Show
- The Westfield Alliance Indie show is a weekly radio show produced by Westfield Recording and features Indie artists, music and interviews.

Deuce Radio Show
- The Deuce Show is a one hour radio show presented by Matt Barker and features new independent bands and artists from all over the world who are promoted by DEUCE.

Soul Traveller Radio Show
- The Soul Traveller Radio Show is a show that features artists from all around the world with a conscious music leaning & music with positive vibes. The show will feature an interview with one or two artists every week.

JJ Kane All New Radio Show
- JJ Kane plays all new music from unsigned bands.

Hello! Bands
- Hello! Bands focus on new music show that features emerging artists, new records and unsigned acts from all over the globe.

Discontinued Programmes
Al Walser's Weekly Top 20
- The World's #1 syndicated Radio Dance Countdown Show hosted by Hollywood's star dj/producer/singer Al Walser. It's currently being broadcast weekly in over 50 countries around the globe, attracting millions of listeners on terrestrial FM, digital, cable and internet stations.

Music Bites
- A 2 to 5min segment where you catch hold of the nerdiest, yet most interesting trivia of the Pop music world.

Spinning Indie
- It's everything Indie, from obscure genres to unsigned artistes on Spinning Indie!

Turn It Up / Turn It Up: Reloaded
- All of your favourite non-stop dance anthems crammed into 1 hour every weekend! The programme has been discontinued on Saturdays and replaced by 973 In The Mix.

- Playing the latest and potential chart-topping hits in the pop music industry on Sunday nights. The programme has been discontinued on Sundays and replaced by SMP.

Blast to the Past
- Take a trip down memory lane as we play classic tunes and a discography of your favourite musicians, all jam-packed into an hour!

Airplay40 Chart
- The Top 40 Songs played on radio stations around the globe every week, based on station airplay from syndicated stations.

Airplay40 Chart Rewind
- Two hours of hits from two classic charts, can you guess the years that have been rewound?

ERN Showbiz News
- Entertainment, movie news, celeb gossip and music news from around the world.

Livin' La Vari Na-Dah!
- The freshest pop, dance and indie tracks along with special guests and interviews.

RadioChat Top 20 Music Video Countdown
- The weekly countdown based on YOUR votes for 5 of your favourite Music Videos. Previously aired on Saturday nights at 11.00pm.